UL Certification

Specifications - 515


Model TD-A Single Phase Simplex Time Dosing Control Panel

1.10 General

  1. These specifications describe model TD-A as manufactured by See Water, Inc., Riverside, California, or approved equal. The contractor shall furnish and install the TD-A Single Phase Simplex Time Dosing Control Panel as specified herein.
  2. Incoming pump and control power shall be Single Phase, 60 Hz., 120/208/240 VAC.

2.10 Certification

  1. The panel shall be built by a UL 508A listed controls system manufacturer (See Water, Inc. or approved equal) and tested at the factory prior to shipping.

3.10 Warranty

  1. The control panel shall be warranted in writing against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of five (5) years from the date of shipment when installed and used in accordance with the operator’s manual.

4.10 Construction

  1. The enclosure shall be a Polycarbonate Type 4X Enclosure with lockable latches approved for indoor or outdoor environments.
  2. A high-level condition shall activate the red beacon light and sound the 85 decibel alarm. An alarm test and silence button shall be accessible without opening the enclosure.
  3. The pump panel shall include a green power on light, green pump run light, and pump hand-off-auto (H.O.A.) switch. Switch and indicators shall be accessible without opening the enclosure.
  4. The motor branch circuit protection shall be provided by a circuit breaker evaluated under UL489 and rated for the pump’s full load amps. Switching shall be provided by a contractor.
  5. The panel shall be equipped with high liquid remote monitoring Form C dry contacts.
  6. An alarm circuit board (See Water Control Board or approved equal) shall be provided to avoid conventional incidental wiring. The circuit board shall allow for
    1. Universal AC Input 90 to 277 VAC with no jumpers or voltage configuring - Fused input
    2. Built-in overcurrent (power light will blink)
  7. Time dosing relay shall be compatible with 100-240VAC 60Hz and be adjustable to time ranges from 0.05s to 300hrs. On and off times shall be set independently and relay shall indicate if it output is on or off when energized. Relay shall have a mechanical life expectancy of at least 20 million operations.
  8. Time dosing relay shall only increment when the pump HOA is in auto and the start/stop float is lifted. Operation shall start with off.
  9. The control panel shall incorporate two normally open, mechanically activated control switches with pipe clamps.
  10. The control panel shall be operator and maintenance friendly to ensure ease of system set up. All internal wiring shall be of the highest quality and craftsmanship to assure proper routing of conductors and to prevent interference with operating devices. A panel nameplate shall be permanently affixed to the panel and include the following: panel model number, drawing number, voltage, phase, ampere rating, and horsepower ratings. There shall be a schematic drawing located on the inside of the panel for field personnel.
  11. The control panel shall be a TD-AX or approved equal.
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