Oil Smart® Three Phase Simplex Panel OSSIM-TP-30XX

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Three Phase Simplex OSSIM-TP-30XX

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The Oil Smart® three phase simplex control panel will control a 208/240/480V three phase pump in elevator sumps, transformer containment areas, and any application where there is a need to remove water while containing oil. See Water simplex control panels come standard with a clear front NEMA 4X rated enclosure, Oil Smart® components, an IEC rated contactor, and a motor protective switch. All panels are UL listed for the United States and Canada, and come with a five-year warranty.


Model Voltage Full Load Amps
OSSIM-TP-3001 208/240/480 1.0-1.6
OSSIM-TP-3002 208/240/480 1.6-2.5
OSSIM-TP-3003 208/240/480 2.5-4.0
OSSIM-TP-3004 208/240/480 4.0-6.3
OSSIM-TP-3005 208/240/480 6.0-10.0
OSSIM-TP-3006 208/240/480 9.0-14.0
OSSIM-TP-3007 208/240/480 13.0-18.0
OSSIM-TP-3008 208/240/480 17.0-23.0
OSSIM-TP-3009 208/240/480 20.0-25.0
OSSIM-TP-3010 208/240/480 24.0-32.0
IS-OSSIM-TP-30XX* Intrinsically Safe Oil Smart® Simplex Three Phase System
*Choose appropriate suffix for Intrinsically Safe model using the FLA selection chart (i.e. IS-OSSIM-TP-3001 indicates 1-1.6 FLA).

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  • Panel and controls: UL listed for the United States and Canada
  • Indoor/Outdoor NEMA 4X rated panel enclosure: Heavy duty polycarbonate with stainless steel lockable latches
  • Pump control visible indicators: Pump hand-off-auto (H.O.A.) switches, green Pump Run lights, red Pump Fault lights, and green Power On light
  • Alarm visible indicators: Red beacon alarm light, yellow light for oil, white light for water, alarm test and silence buttons
  • Alarm horn sounds at 85 decibels at 10 feet
  • Remote monitoring dry contacts: Oil, Water, High Liquid, Pump Run(s), Pump #1 Fault, and Pump #2 Fault
  • Upgraded pump protection: Motor protective switches included for both pumps (branch circuit protection, adjustable overload and disconnect) and thermal cutout with indicators


  • Elevator sumps
  • Transformer containment areas
  • Underground utility vaults
  • Any application where there is a need to remove water while containing oil

Custom Options

  • 24 = Pump Exerciser
  • 28 = Power On Dry Contact
  • 3R = Painted Steel Enclosure
  • 6P = Upgraded Enclosure (NEMA 6P Rated); Removes Buzzer and Beacon
  • AF = Alarm Flasher
  • AH = Anti-Condensation Heater
  • C = Additional Cord Length Greater Than 20’*
  • CC = Cycle Counter w/ LCD Display and Reset
  • ET = Elapsed Time Meter w/ LCD Display and Reset
  • LAD/LAW = Lightning Secondary Surge Arrestor
  • MD = Main Disconnect
  • PM = Phase Monitoring
  • PX = Pump Portal® Wireless Remote Panel Control and System Monitoring
  • SF = Seal Failure Circuit w/ Indicator Light
  • SS4 = Upgraded Enclosure (304 Stainless Steel)
  • SS6 = Upgraded Enclosure (316 Stainless Steel)

*Additional cord length greater than 20’. Specify after C. Example: (OSSIM-TP-3001-C50). Indicates 50’ cord lengths for all components.

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