Introducing the Pump Portal®

The See Water Pump Portal® offers real-time, IoT monitoring and control of See Water’s industry leading products. The Pump Portal® extends familiar and popular features of its panel monitoring capabilities and controls to the cloud. From a desktop or mobile device, pumps and water levels can now be monitored anywhere at one’s convenience. Real-time monitoring and access to historical data offers the ability to optimize any operation.

A New Breed of IoT Pump Monitoring System

Pump Portal®

The Pump Portal® offers a secure and easy to deploy solution for the next generation of Pump Monitoring systems. The Pump Portal® enables organizations to realize dramatic improvements in their operational efficiency by reducing cost and service response times. By gathering data to the Cloud, the Pump Portal® offers a powerful platform to analyze and control your pump monitoring fleet from one centralized location.


24/7 IoT Remote Monitoring
Analytics and Insights
Real-Time Alerts and Notifications
Remote Control
Cellular Connectivity
Pump Portal®

Remote Monitoring

The Pump Portal® provides the same high-quality level of monitoring as the as the traditional See Water systems with the added benefit of remote access. The cellular connectivity enables deployments in remote locations without the worry of network interruptions.

Data Insights

The Pump Portal® provides data logging, dashboards and data export for critical metrics. Plus, we’ve integrated local weather to log and forecast precipitation. The system utilizes data to provide reports and smart alerts.

Pump Portal®
Pump Portal®


Centralize the management of your pump station regardless of the size of the operation. The Pump Portal® offers a single platform to manage your pump monitoring needs such as data storage, access control, service logging and more.

Pump Portal® Features and Capabilities
  • Remote Pump and Level Settings
  • Mobile and Desktop Web Interface
  • Localized Weather Integration
  • Visual Depiction of Water Levels
  • Visual Depiction of Faults and Alarms
  • Visual Map View of Pump Stations
  • Remote Control Pumps
  • Data Dashboard and Analytics
  • Technician Service Logs and File Uploads
  • Real-Time Monitoring of Pump and Water Levels
  • Real-Time Alerts via SMS or Email
  • Error Logs and Device Health
  • CSV Data Export
  • Data Encryption over Secure Cellular
  • User Permission Management
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
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