Pump Portal® - Remote Pump Monitoring System

Save Time, Money and Manpower by Centralizing the Management of Your Pump Station.

Pump Portal® offers real-time remote monitoring and control of See Water's industry-leading control panels. Our web interface allows you to monitor and control your pump station from any device and get real-time alerts via text, email, or phone call.

You can now monitor pumps and water levels from any desktop or mobile device at your convenience. Real-time monitoring and access to your historical data will optimize any operation!

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Pump Portal® enables organizations to realize dramatic improvements in their operational efficiency by reducing cost and service response times. By gathering data to the Cloud, Pump Portal® is a powerful platform that allows you to analyze and control your pump monitoring fleet from one centralized location.

  • Water Pump Control
  • Sewage Lift Station Control
  • Sewage Pump Chambers
  • Sump Pump Control
  • Food and Beverage Controls
  • Fountain Control Systems
  • Industrial Fluid Control
  • Chilled Water System Control
  • Commercial Booster Systems
  • Elevator Sump Control
  • Underground Vault Controls
  • Fuel and Oil Transfer Systems
  • Boiler and Condensate System Control
  • Chemical Feed Control
  • Wastewater Treatment Control
  • Process Fluid Control
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Application-Specific Electrical Control Panels
Pump Portal(R) Applications
Pump Portal(R) User Interface - Device Current Status

Remote Monitoring

Pump Portal® provides the same high quality level of monitoring as traditional See Water systems with the added benefit of remote access. Cellular connectivity enables deployments in remote locations without the concern of network interruptions.

 Pump Portal(R) User Interface - Pump Station Overview


Centralize the management of your pump station regardless of the size of the operation. Pump Portal® is a single platform you can use to manage your pump monitoring needs and get instant access to stored data, reports, service logs and much more!

Pump Portal(R) User Interface - Device Charts and History

Data Insights

Pump Portal® provides data logging, dashboards, and data export of critical metrics for your pump station. With our advanced pump metrics, you’ll have access to analytics about your pump(s) and pump station from any device. Your Pump Portal® interface will display calculations based on data from your control panel on the information you input about your pump(s). Plus, you can export or print all of your pump data, including the expanded advanced metrics.

Hydra(R) Transducer Control System with Pump Portal(R)

Case Studies

Our team of professionals will provide a quick and accurate solution for your remote needs. Whether the job specs require one of our pre-engineered solutions or a custom panel with Pump Portal® remote access, we ensure every customer is completely satisfied.


A large not-for-profit museum in northern California needed a well pumping system which required four different pumping stations with one central control station – communicating via radio antenna – and all needed to be connected remotely.


We provided telemetry PLC panels with 900 MHz radio communication for the reliable pumping hours the customer needed. The control system allowed for remote sites to communicate with a master panel, providing the necessary information to relay to the Pump Portal®. Our Pump Portal® system further allowed the customer remote access to ensure their tanks were at the correct capacity without having to be on site.


A large university in Delaware needed multiple Pump Portal® units for 17 different pump stations at their facility. Maintenance costs were adding up as well as the number of manhours needed to service each pump/station.


We provided WS Series® duplex control panel systems equipped with Pump Portal®. Our controls offered more reliable pump protection and remote access to allow for enormous future savings in maintenance time and service hours.


A customer located in Washington state needed a remote solar alarm with remote access for their port facility to communicate high liquid alarm conditions in a sensitive area of their site.


We provided a Solar Knight® liquid level alarm panel with 50-watt solar array. The system was robust enough to withstand the Washington state climate and consistent cloud cover ensuring that our customer had a reliable remote connection to their panel 24/7.

Wastewater Treatment with Pump Portal(R)

Full Feature Set

We have over 28 years of experience building state-of-the-art pump monitoring systems. Using this experience, we identified the ideal set of features to meet industry needs in a wide variety of applications.

Remote Pump and Level Settings
Mobile and Desktop Web Interface
Localized Weather Integration
Visual Depiction of Water Levels
Visual Depiction of Faults and Alarms
Visual Map View of Pump Stations
Remote Control Pumps
Data Dashboard and Analytics
Technician Service Logs and File Uploads
Data Monitoring and Alerts
Real-Time Monitoring of Pump and Water Levels
Real-Time Alerts via Phone, SMS or Email
Error Logs and Device Health
CSV Data Export
Security and Network
Data Encryption over Secure Cellular
User Permission Management
Multi-Factor Authentication
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