Specifications - 276


Oil Smart® Model OSD3P Three Phase Duplex Control Panel

1.10 General

  1. These specifications describe model OSD3P as manufactured by See Water, Inc., Riverside, California, or approved equal. The contractor shall furnish and install the Oil Smart® Three Phase Duplex Control Panel as specified herein.
  2. Incoming pump power shall be Three Phase, 60 Hz., 208/240/480 VAC.
  3. A Multi-Tap transformer (208/240/480VAC Primary) shall provide 120V control power for the “Smart Board”.
  4. The system shall include the Oil Smart® Pump Switch which will not allow pumping if oil is detected.
  5. The system shall include the High Water Sensor which will detect a high water level and initiate a two pump demand condition.
  6. The system shall include the Liquid Smart® Alarm Sensor which will alert of a high liquid presence and differentiate between oil and water.

2.10 Certification

  1. The panel shall be built by a UL 508A approved control systems manufacturer (See Water, Inc. or approved equal) and 100% tested at the factory prior to shipping.

3.10 Warranty

  1. The Three Phase Duplex Control Panel shall be warranted in writing against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of five (5) years from the date of shipment when installed and used in accordance with the manufacturer recommendations.

4.10 Construction

  1. The enclosure shall be Polycarbonate NEMA 4X rated with lockable latches approved for indoor and outdoor environments.
  2. The enclosure shall have a clear front door so control panel indicators are visible. The front panel indicators shall include green power on light, green pump run lights, red pump fault lights, yellow high oil light, and white high water light. The front panel shall include pump #1 and pump #2 handoff-auto (H.O.A.) switches, pump reset button, alarm test and silence buttons. A high liquid level condition shall activate a red beacon light and 85 decibel alarm.
  3. The panel shall be equipped with remote monitoring dry contacts including high liquid, high oil, high water, pump #1 fault, and pump #2 fault.
  4. Upgraded pump(s) protection: motor protective switch (branch circuit protection, adjustable overload and disconnect), and a thermal cutout with indicator.
  5. The motor starters shall be non-reversing general purpose type rated for the pump’s full load amps. The coil operating voltage shall be 12 VDC.
  6. The system shall include an Oil Smart® Pump Switch, High Water Sensor, and Liquid Smart® Alarm Sensor. The Oil Smart® Pump Switch shall include “on” and “off” sensors providing a specific water pumping range. The Oil Smart® Pump Switch shall not allow the pumping of oil. The High Water Sensor shall detect a high water level and initiate a two pump demand condition. The Liquid Smart® Alarm Sensor will alert of a high liquid level condition and identify high oil or high water presence. The Oil Smart® Pump Switch and the Liquid Alarm Sensor shall both differentiate between oil and water. All sensors and switches in the sump shall have no moving parts. The Liquid Smart® Alarm Sensor shall be completely separate from pump control component to prevent nuisance alarms and so alarm component can be placed at the actual high liquid level. An alarm component connected to a pump control shall not be acceptable. All components shall be hardwired into panel. A plug-in type system shall not be acceptable.
  7. A duplex control circuit board (See Water Smart Board or approved equal) shall be provided to avoid conventional incidental wiring. The duplex board shall provide pump rotation and high demand two pump operation. The unit shall automatically provide standby capacity if one pump fails. The board shall provide redundant indicator LEDs for circuit board functions: power, pump #1 run, pump #2 run, pump #1 fault, pump #2 fault and alarm status. The printed circuit board shall be manufactured by a UL approved company.
  8. The control panel shall be operator and maintenance friendly to ensure ease of system set up. All internal wiring shall be of the highest quality and craftsmanship to assure proper routing of conductors and to prevent interference with operating devices. A panel nameplate shall be permanently affixed inside the enclosure displaying panel model number, drawing number, voltage, phase, and ampere ratings. There shall be a schematic drawing located on the inside of the enclosure for field personnel.
  9. Control panel shall be an Oil Smart® Three Phase Duplex or approved equal.
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