Oil Smart® High Liquid Alarm OSA-05

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Oil Smart® High Liquid Alarm OSA-05

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Oil Smart® High Liquid Alarm OSA-05
Typical Application: Oil Smart® High Liquid Alarm OSA-05

The Oil Smart® High Liquid Alarm System (OSA-05) is a plug-and-play alarm that differentiates between oil and water. The system is complete with visible mounted indicators and dry contacts for remote monitoring. The alarm will activate with the presence of any liquid and will identify if oil or water is present. The Oil Smart® High Liquid Alarm System can be applied as a high liquid alarm or leak detection system.



  • Plug-and-play for easy installation, 120VAC
  • Alarm sensor differentiates between oil and water
  • Includes Liquid Smart® Alarm Sensor with 20′ cord
  • Alarm Visible Indicators: Red beacon alarm light, yellow light for oil, white light for water, alarm test and silence buttons
  • Alarm Horn sounds at 85 decibels at 10 feet
  • 10′ heavy duty power cord
  • Remote monitoring dry contacts: Oil, water, and high liquid


  • Elevator sumps
  • Electric utilities: Substations, underground vaults and transformer oil containment sumps
  • Industrial sump or marine application
  • Oil storage tank
  • Any place that there may be a water or oil leak or high liquid condition

Custom Options

  • C = Additional cord length greater than 20’ specify after C.*
  • 95-05 = Floor bracket for Liquid Smart® alarm sensor

*Example: (OSA-05-C50) Indicates 50’ cord length on Liquid Smart® Alarm Sensor

See Water, Inc. manufactures the above product protected under US Patent 7,492,272 and 7,830,268.

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