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Miscellaneous Accessories

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Miscellaneous Accessories


Switch/Sensor Mounting Options

Part # Name Description
95-34 Grey Bracket Assembly *For use with all switches/sensors, includes hose clamp & hardware
95-05 Liquid Smart® Floor Mount *For use with Liquid Smart® Sensor, monitoring at floor level
95-03 Quick Mount - White PVC Snap On *For use with all switches/sensors on 1 1/2" pipe
95-02 Grey Bracket - PVC *For use with all switches/sensors
95-01 Hose Clamp - Stainless Steel *For use with all switches/sensors/floats

Float Mounting Options

Part # Name Description
95-35 Loop Type Stainless Steel Pipe Clamp *For use with all standard floats to control direction of swing
95-36 Alligator Type Stainless Steel Pipe Clamp *For use with all standard floats
95-37 Cable Weight *For use with all standard floats. Wire Accommodated: 18/2, 18/3, 16/2, 16/3, 14/2 and 14/3

Wire Grips/Terminal Adapters/Enclosure Mounting

Part # Name Description
95-38 Wire Grip Cable Connector - Small Cable Range: .17" - .45"
95-39 Wire Grip Cable Connector - Large Cable Range: .435" - .705"
95-40 PVC Hub Terminal Adapter 2" to connect to PVC conduit
95-41 Pipe/Pole Mounting Hardware *For mounting enclosures to a vertical pipe or pole

Solenoid Valves

Part # Name Description
95-16 Solenoid Valve - Normally Closed *120VAC, 60Hz. 1.5"
95-17 Solenoid Valve - Normally Open *120VAC, 60Hz. 1.5"
95-18 Solenoid Valve - Normally Closed *120VAC, 60Hz. 2"
95-19 Solenoid Valve - Normally Open *120VAC, 60Hz. 2"

Solar Components

Part # Name Description
95-42 Solar Panel *10 Watt 12V Solar Panel w/ 15' Cable
95-41 Solar Panel Mounting Kit *Vertical Pole Mount, Alum, 14", fixed tilt, includes 1-ubolt & 2-hrdw. sets

SEESLT Pressure Transducer Accessories

Part # Name Description
95-32 Dessicant Filter *For vent tube. Removes humidity for protection of the sensor. Changes color to show saturation.
95-33 316 SS Cable Hanger *NPT for attaching chain for easy lift from application.
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