Parabola® Light Simplex VFD Control Panels - Constant Pressure Applications

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Parabola® Light Simplex VFD Control Panels - Constant Pressure Applications

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514 Parabola® Light Simplex VFD Control Panels - Constant Pressure Applications
Typical Application: Parabola® Light Simplex VFD Control Panels - Constant Pressure Applications

Parabola® Light VFD Panels are advanced pre-engineered simplex control panels with a user-friendly HMI control keypad. The control panels are designed to control three phase pumps in constant pressure or pressure boosting applications.


Single Phase Input, Three Phase Output 208/240VAC

Model Input Line Voltage Three Phase Motor HP
PLS1P1 Simplex Single Phase 208/240VAC 1.5
PLS1P3 Simplex Single Phase 208/240VAC 3
PLS1P5 Simplex Single Phase 208/240VAC 5

Three Phase Input, Three Phase Output 208/240/480VAC

Model Input Line Voltage Three Phase Motor HP
PLS3P5 Simplex Three Phase 208/240VAC 5
PLS32P7 Simplex Three Phase 208/240VAC 7.5
PLS32P10 Simplex Three Phase 208/240VAC 10
PLS32P15 Simplex Three Phase 208/240VAC 15
PLS32P20 Simplex Three Phase 208/240VAC 20
PLS34P7 Simplex Three Phase 480VAC 7.5
PLS34P10 Simplex Three Phase 480VAC 10
PLS34P15 Simplex Three Phase 480VAC 15
PLS34P20 Simplex Three Phase 480VAC 20


  • Variable frequency drive operation with configurable parameter settings via HMI
  • Single phase or three phase voltage supply, controls three phase 208/240/480VAC pump
  • Drive protection: VFD offers output phase loss, input phase loss, IGBT overheating, overspeed, oversupply, and overcurrent
  • NEMA type 1 enclosure: Heavy duty polycarbonate with stainless steel lockable latches
  • Stainless steel pressure transducer 0-300 PSI, 1/4” NP, 4-20mA output included
  • Fan and thermostat included on 7.5 to 20 HP models
  • UL 508A listed
  • Two-year limited warranty


  • Constant pressure operation with optional adjustable PID settings and high/low pressure alarms
  • Multiple access levels for added security
  • HMI touchscreen display features: Hand-Off-Auto (H.O.A.) switch, pump run indicator, pump fault indicators, pump and pressure status screens


  • Commercial Pressure Booster Systems
  • Booster Pumps
  • Deep Well Submersible Pumps
  • Irrigation Pumps

Custom Options

  • LAD/LAW = Lightning Secondary Surge Arrestor (LAD Delta / LAW Wye)
  • SS4 = Upgraded Enclosure (304 Stainless Steel)
  • SS6 = Upgraded Enclosure (316 Stainless Steel)


The HMI’s main menu displays live pump data and H.O.A. switch. This menu is the user’s command center.

PSI Overview

Check the current PSI. Adjust the PSI set point to optimize efficiency.

Speed Parameters

Adjust the minimum and maximum frequency, acceleration, deceleration, and the Hand frequency of the VFD.

Motor Parameters

Adjust the current, speed, frequency, and other parameters of the motor.

PID Parameters

Adjust the PID parameters, including: proportional, integral, derivative, low speed, timeout, and deadband.

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